Infinity Al is a construction company that has been operating in the market for several years in the fields of swimming pools, waterproofing, industrial floors, construction and trading of pool materials and equipment.

Initially, our company started its activity in the field of swimming pools under the name "INFINITY POOL'S .al", due to the growing demands of the market for residential or commercial swimming pools, with the desire to provide high-quality service including design, installation, and maintenance of the pools.

Then the company now under the name "INFINITY AL" expanded its activity by offering its services in some specific sectors, such as waterproofing, offering the application of the latest technology materials in waterproofing with PVC, TPO or bentonite and performing high-quality services in some of the most important facilities in the country such as the Cukes-Qafe Pllloce Tunnel in Pogradec, the Sports Palace in Korça, the Opera and Ballet Theater in Tirana, etc.

Furthermore, another sector the one of industrial flooring is added to the company's activity bringing the realization of some works like Infosoft Captain in Kashar, Euro cool, etc.

In the field of construction, "INFINITY AL" offers various categorical works by carrying out quality works such as the construction of the INFOSOFT Shed in Kashar, Tirana; Storage structure 1KT "Mado" in Tirana, etc.

Finally, "Infinity Al" shpk, wanting to be as close as possible to the customer in meeting his needs, offers the marketing of a wide range of materials and equipment for swimming pools relying on its international partners such as Kripsol / Hayward , Pahlen, Maytronics, Emaux, MA.RI.Pool, Lareter etc

We aim to be a leading company in the field of services we offer and we are confident that we will succeed thanks to the hard and professional work of our staff composed of specialists and engineers who have executed high-quality work.

Our motto is quality, correctness, and professionalism. Contact us and you will receive the requested service.